The Hippo Roller

“Because water shouldn’t be a burden, a should be a gift to all.” So, this everyone, is our first project of the OurPerspective.OurCharities campaign. Check our Indiegogo page The Our Perspective. Our Charities campaign is aimed at identifying the charities most dear to our heart and trying to […]


The Fire Within

Every flame needs a spark , something to start it,something to keep it going. In the same way every human needs a goal , an ambition, something to start a dream and a reason to follow it. This photo might be eye-catching and it might show complete natural […]

Trust or Greed - Original Photo

Trust or Greed?

An Original Photo by Robyn Patmore I took this picture at Hout Bay Harbour, Cape Town on the 24th August.  My family and I were boarding a boat that would take us to Seal Island, when we saw this happening and what I saw really left me in […]


The Global Refugee Crisis

Here’s a position paper I wrote for the 2014 SAIAA Conference, during the conference I and two others were representing South Korea in a Model United Nations debate. We turned out to have a resolution that was accepted by the likes of delegates of America, Russia, Germany, Philippines, […]

market on maiin

New beginnings.

The last time I posted an article on this blog we were at a little over a few weeks old with minimal numbers and in all honesty I’m sure some people thought we were nothing more than a couple of kids. However, since then this couldn’t be further […]


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