The Fire Within

Every flame needs a spark , something to start it,something to keep it going. In the same way every human needs a goal , an ambition, something to start a dream and a reason to follow it. This photo might be eye-catching and it might show complete natural […]

Trust or Greed - Original Photo

Trust or Greed?

An Original Photo by Robyn Patmore I took this picture at Hout Bay Harbour, Cape Town on the 24th August.  My family and I were boarding a boat that would take us to Seal Island, when we saw this happening and what I saw really left me in […]


The Global Refugee Crisis

Here’s a position paper I wrote for the 2014 SAIAA Conference, during the conference I and two others were representing South Korea in a Model United Nations debate. We turned out to have a resolution that was accepted by the likes of delegates of America, Russia, Germany, Philippines, […]

market on maiin

New beginnings.

The last time I posted an article on this blog we were at a little over a few weeks old with minimal numbers and in all honesty I’m sure some people thought we were nothing more than a couple of kids. However, since then this couldn’t be further […]

Picture: Werner Beukes/SAPA

Brains Under the Red Beret

This article is opinion based For those of you who follow South African politics you would know that much like fighting movies – such as Fight Club and Never Back Down – South Africa has two main contenders for the belt (and now recently three). The African National […]

Photo Credit : http://www.wealthwire.com/news/finance/2897

iStore; The modern day bank.

So, we know that technology has changed the way we see the world.  Most of us view this change as amazing, revolutionising, convenient blah blah blah – whilst others (mainly the older generation) find that it throws them back into the stone age – due to their lack […]


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